'breakfast with juliette' is a concept, a creative outlet, a journey, a lifestyle. 
Let's pursue this together and inspire each other to start living the lives we want to.

First things, first...
Celebrate who you are currently, because we all have something to be proud of or happy about. I have the tendency to delay living (and truly enjoying life) until I have accomplished x, y and z. As such, I don't celebrate a, b, or c...Although I should, we all should! A, b, and c are great accomplishments, happy moments, wonderful memories and should be celebrated despite not having yet accomplished x, y, and z. For too long I would say to myself "I will buy myself that pretty dress when I lose ten pounds" or "I will use those pretty pillows once I am in a home" (and not an apartment). Unfortunately, I didn't lose ten pounds but rather gained 20 pounds and I ended up with a storage unit. I was blind to the fact that the dress could still look great on 'current' me and, more importantly, would make me feel great. I was giving x, y and z way too much power and while all of our goals are important, they should not prevent happiness and joy during the journey.  

Now it is time to...
Determine what 'juliette' means to you and become an active participant in making that your reality. For me; juliette encompasses a lifestyle whereby there are celebrations full of balloons, fresh flowers and mimosa bars, completed DIY projects scattered throughout the apartment, and the smell of homemade scones in the oven. You can probably tell I love breakfast (mimosas + scones) which is why it's breakfast with juliette. Juliette is confidence despite not knowing how to apply eyeliner (even in my 30s) and the fact that I have to watch multiple YouTube videos to create a hairstyle other than the top knot (I love myself a top knot). 

And along the way, let's...
Encourage and support each other while we develop the skills and strengthen the qualities we have each identified as important. Let's genuinely be proud of each other. Let's learn from each other and teach each other so that, in the end, we all soar. 

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