Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Gifts for the Host & Hostess (and some hosting tips!)

hostess gift ideas

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3 // 4
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7 // 8

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                                                         1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6

If you are hosting this year, here are some ideas and advice from around the web to make your 
holiday (and hosting experience) more pleasurable. From top to bottom: Oh Happy Day and 
Sugar & Charm. Happy Thanksgiving!!

And some of my tips:

1. Prepare what you can in advance.
2. Have a sister or friend help with the dicing and slicing!
3. Create a "make your own" cocktail bar.
(or have a pitcher of premade cocktail -and a bucket of ice- that guests can easily help themselves to)
4. Host a potluck to share the cooking/baking duties.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Thanksgiving Decor & Thanksgiving Cocktails

For Thanksgiving this year, the beau and I are going to visit my sister and dad in Monterey. While my sister will be tackling all of the food (I will be there to help slice and dice), I am in charge of the decorations and cocktails! The first step in brainstorming? Why pinterest of course. Here are some of my favorites: 

Glitter Pumpkins by Spray Paint & Chardonnay
Bunting by the DIY Network
Pinecones via Modernly Wed
Natural Table Setting by Lemon Thistle
Gold Details via A House in the Hills
Falling Leaves by Sunday Suppers
Some other decor ideas...

// Thumbprint Place Cards by Make it Your Own // 
Great for any holiday - eggs at Easter, Turkey and Pumpkins at Thanksgiving, Bats at Halloween and a string of lights at Christmas. 

// Wine Cork Turkey Place Cards by Almost Makes Perfect // 
You could even add a face onto the wine cork or leave "as is" - a modern Turkey. 

Plum, Thyme & Prosecco Cocktail created by My Diary of Us

Fig, Vanilla bean & Cardamom Vodka deliciousness created by Tasty Yummies.

Cranberry & Pear Sparkler created by Martha Stewart and her team
Some other cocktail suggestions...

// Apple Sangria created by Sally's Baking Addiction //
The flavors of fall all in one glass - cinnamon, orange and apple. 

// Apple Cider Margaritas created by How Sweet It Is //   
Warm flavors for the holiday season. 

// Apple Cider and Champagne Sangria created by Kiran Tarun //
This one has cranberries and figs!

What are your plans for the upcoming holiday? What are you in charge of preparing/creating?

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Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Musings

Hi and TGIF. I needed you here, Friday. Yes, needed. Some musings for your Friday morning. 

// Sleeping Positions //  
I sleep, most often, in the foetus/fetus position! How about you?

//  Milk & Honey Soap Bars //  
I definitely want to make these this season! Heidi has multiple soap bar "how to's" on her blog 
{Happiness is Homemade}, in addition to these bee and honeycomb ones.

//  Fall Celebrations //  
Beautiful traditions across the globe. {original photo via John Shedrick}.

 // Hair Styles for Fall // 
2014 versus is always fun to see how style changes, or stays the same. 

//  Etiquette Tips //  
To prepare for all of the upcoming holiday parties!

//  Perfume //  
Tips to make the scent last longer! I definitely needed these tips as my scent seems to disappear 
almost immediately.

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Fall Nudes

Favorite Nudes for Fall

I do not wear makeup often (I would use the excuse of being in water sports as reason not to "dress up" and "put my face on" during high school and college) but it is something that I would like to learn and do more than once a month and/or just during the holidays. I am a serious case of #iwokeuplikethis (i.e. just chapstick) so any level of makeup application is a bit intimidating. The nude makeup trend, in particular, is extremely visually appealing to me and I would like to try it out this season. Any tips? I plan to watch some a lot of videos by Lisa Eldridge. I added the lip gloss because glosses are less intimidating then lipsticks (lol!). What are some of your favorite nudes?

These heels are feminine and pretty. Another component of "cultivating the person I want to become" is becoming more lady-like. I think these heels would do just that although I know I will need to practice walking in them. 

I love the versatility of blanket scarfs - so easy to add to a casual outfit (white tee and jeans), a work outfit (blouse and pencil skirt) and an evening outfit (dress, coat and heels). This piece will easily work for fall and winter. 

Large totes are an essential. I have a lengthy commute (that is LA for ya!) so I like to bring books, sparkling water, a phone charger, a magazine etc. with me on the road, to make the bus/train/subway trip a little more, productive. Yeah, productive.  

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Monday, October 5, 2015

Monday Morning Blues + Wednesday Woes

It seems like weekends just fly by (even weekends where I have zero plans besides cleaning the apartment and doing laundry) and the weekdays go at a snail's pace. The blues + woes associated with the work week have gotten a little extreme for me; not only am I grumpy on Sunday evenings, I am really unproductive. Some close friends of mine even "wrote" a short blues-y song about Mondays {why does Sunday always have to lead into Monday}. What is even worse? I also experience Wednesday woes! This is not good and I know things have to change. I plan to implement a spa day on Sunday evenings (and throughout the week, as needed) to make the work week more pleasant. 

In addition to the above Sunday ritual, I also feel a little "window" shopping to start my week is a good idea. The items I discovered this morning are not only items I would love to incorporate into my wardrobe (the skirt would be great for holiday parties) and home (how gorgeous are these dream catchers?) but also a craft I would like to learn (I current follow Maryanne on instagram and am very eager to learn). So, here are some items I found while "window" shopping:

my favorites

1 // dream catchers
2 // Coach heels
3 // necklace
4 // purse
5 // weaving loom
6 // boots
7 // skirt
8 // throw

What are ways you beat the Monday morning blues and Wednesday woes? Please leave them in the comments below! 

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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Etsy + Fall

While I am not a huge online shopper (I prefer going to a brick & mortar, sipping on coffee and browsing the aisles), I do love myself some Etsy. It is so user friendly with its' various categories, price range options and 'suggestions for you' links. Here are some of my favorite Etsy finds for the fall season.

fall etsy finds

Friday, September 4, 2015

oh, hello

She believed she could and so she did. -William Shakespeare


Hi and welcome to 'breakfast with juliette'. I hope this space becomes a place that reminds and encourages you to celebrate who you are {at this exact moment in time} and all that you have accomplished, while simultaneously inspiring you to become the person you want to be and start living the life you want to lead. Read more about me and the blog's concept here. Please let me know in the comments what 'juliette' means to you...let's start this journey together.