Sunday, February 12, 2017


The new Ikea in Burbank opened this past week. I decided to go with the hopes of winning a $100 gift card (I won a $10 one) and, well, because a Krispy Kreme is down the street...any reason to be in the proximity of a Krispy Kreme, my friends. In addition to the donuts, the highlight of the morning was that we all got to walk through two lines of cheering employees as we entered the store. I felt like a football player entering the field for a homecoming game. It was fun. 

Anyway, I love walking through Ikea - such (affordable) design inspiration for all the rooms of an apartment/home including the outdoor space. While the furniture is, at times, difficult to put together I do like the overall simple and clean look of the pieces. As expected, opening day was quite busy. I usually avoid the crowds by going on a weekday morning with a cup of coffee in hand; this allows me to leisurely walk through each staged room. Alas, this trip was not that.

Inspired by my most recent trip to Ikea and the noticeable increase in the focus on outdoor spaces, here are some fun items to add to your outdoor spaces as well as some links to some swoon-worthy outdoor spaces from around the web. Can you even handle the scalloped pot? Let me know your favorites in the comments!
outdoor spaces
Outdoor spaces 2


Pots & Stands

Star Pendant

Fire Pits:
Moon & Stars

Poufs & Pillows:

Looking for some inspiration? Check out the links below.

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