Monday, January 16, 2017


I have been having some trouble sleeping lately...I don't know if it is because I am still winding down from the holidays or because of the stress associated with a new year. I know that there is supposed to be excitement for a new year -and there is- but I also have been having a lot of stress and anxiety. Perhaps it is because I was sick for the first two weeks of the new year and got a late start on my goals yet. Whatever the cause, tonight -er, morning- I decided to put some resources together to get started on my 2017 goals. As I am turning 35 this year, I have 8 goals. Some of these are as follows:

// Essential Oils & Aromatherapy //
I have been reading a lot about the benefits of essential oils and really want to learn more about the various oils and their uses and benefits. I have already picked up a Pure diffuser with accompanying Ellia oils called "get going", "wind down" and "fight it", which I use daily but I also plan to dedicate a garden bed to herbs and plants commonly used in aromatherapy - as oils or even, more simply, for the aromatic properties. Helpful links:

Pretty bathroom corners.

// Yoga //
Like many of you, I also have the goal of being able to do a handstand! Although, more importantly, I want to commit to doing yoga three times a week. Helpful links to online yoga videos as well as places to do yoga and meditate around Los Angeles:

** Beginners Guide to Handstand
** Kundalini Yoga (fee is donation-based) in Highland Park at Kinship Yoga
** Meditation Gardens (no admission fee) at the Self-Realization Fellowship in Mt. Washington
** Sitar and Guitar meditation workshop at Namaste Highland Park

I have been lacto-ove-vegetarian since I was 13 years old, but more recently introduced fish back into my diet so am technically now a lacto-ovo-pescatarian. Anywho...I love watching youtube videos of vegan vloggers/bloggers (as well as raw vegan) and am dedicated to making at least one vegan meal a week. Last week I made this amazing raw vegan pad thai. It was seriously so good. This week I made vegan cookie dough macaroons and falafel (I added sun dried tomatoes). I am not sure what I will make this week but I am really loving this 2017 commitment. Helpful links:

** Hippie Lane (these recipes appear more complex so I have yet to try one...wish me luck!)

So there are three of my seven goals for 2017...what are some of your goals? How do you approach you new year's resolutions/goals so that you don't become overwhelmed by them?

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