Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017...let's do this!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! 

I cannot believe it has been over a year since I last posted. I can make a list of what stopped me from posting (needing to improve pictures, needing a new computer as mine is slow as molasses) but the real reason was insecurity and self-doubt. Unfortunately, this insecurity and self-doubt goes against everything that 'breakfast with juliette' is about. Shame on me! It is a journey, though, and so my journey continues. Over the holiday season, I came across a quote on Instagram that read (more or less), "if you cannot stop thinking about it, then you should do it". This is blogging for me. So, alas, here I am. 

Now let's talk about 2017! What are your resolutions/aspirations/goals for the coming year? I have some of the standard -eat better, exercise more- but while I work up the motivation to start, I have been having fun eating leftover cookies and searching for fun athletic ware while watching Penelope on Netflix.

Hopefully this athletic ware will inspire and motivate me to move!
Active Ware

1.  tank
2. hoodie
3. bralette and leggings
4. yoga mat
5. bralette
6. leggings
7. water bottles (one and two)
8. aromatherapy necklace
9. leggings

Cheers to 2017!