Friday, October 16, 2015

Friday Musings

Hi and TGIF. I needed you here, Friday. Yes, needed. Some musings for your Friday morning. 

// Sleeping Positions //  
I sleep, most often, in the foetus/fetus position! How about you?

//  Milk & Honey Soap Bars //  
I definitely want to make these this season! Heidi has multiple soap bar "how to's" on her blog 
{Happiness is Homemade}, in addition to these bee and honeycomb ones.

//  Fall Celebrations //  
Beautiful traditions across the globe. {original photo via John Shedrick}.

 // Hair Styles for Fall // 
2014 versus is always fun to see how style changes, or stays the same. 

//  Etiquette Tips //  
To prepare for all of the upcoming holiday parties!

//  Perfume //  
Tips to make the scent last longer! I definitely needed these tips as my scent seems to disappear 
almost immediately.

Thank you for stopping by! xo